Rev Up Your Poker Success by Dr. Tricia Cardner

Rev Up Your Poker Success

A Step by Step Guide to Designing Your Best Year Ever
We all want to be successful in poker and in life and to that end, most of us set goals. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us never reach all of the goals we set for ourselves.

Research shows that of the people who set New Year's Resolutions, only 8% are successful at sticking to them! The reason so many people fail to achieve their goals is not because they aren't motivated or because they are lazy. It's because they are lacking a proven goal achievement system.

By using traditional goal setting systems, players set themselves up for overwhelm and procrastination. It is possible to stop being overwhelmed and to get the results you desire.

In this series of video lessons, I'm going to take you step by step through the process of setting goals and planning your days out so that you have the best chance to reach your goals and have the best year ever! The strategies I'm going to share are the ones that psychological research has shown to be the most effective when it comes to attaining high achievement.

In this course, I'll go over:

  • How to decide on what your most important goals are for the upcoming year
  • The goal setting habits of high achievers
  • How to break your goals down into bite size pieces
  • The mindset that is most associated with successfully achieving goals across a wide variety of domains
  • The way to engineer systems that virtually guarantee success
  • How to stay on track and make progress
  • How to script your setbacks so they are shorter and last painful

If you want to study more, play better, and/or improve your mindset, check out this free set of video lessons!

What's included?

Video Icon 7 videos File Icon 5 files Text Icon 1 text file


Introduction - Video
8 mins
Introduction - Audio Only
8 mins
Step 1: Clarify Your Vision - Video
9 mins
Step1: Clarify Your Vision - Audio Only
9 mins
Step 2: Keep the Right Mindset - Video
8 mins
Step 3: Choose Your Strategies - Video
8 mins
Step 3: choose Your Strategies - Audio Only
8 mins
Step 4: Stay on Track and Make Progress - Video
7 mins
Step 4: Stay on Track and Make Progress - Audio Only
7 mins
Step 5: Script Your Setbacks - Video
9 mins
Step 5: Script Your Setbacks - Audio Only
8 mins
6 mins
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