Escape From The Downswing Trap by Dr. Tricia Cardner

Escape From The Downswing Trap

Step by step instructions on how to stop struggling with the negative thoughts and emotions that accompany poker downswings so that you can get control over your actions at the poker table, make better decisions and gain a tremendous advantage over your opponents. 

9 out of 10 poker players lose more money than they should during downswings because they have an untrained mindset!

Every poker player will be confronted with a downswing sooner or later. It's only a matter of time. How you deal with that downswing will determine not only how long it lasts but how much money it costs you. 

While in a downswing, have you ever:

  • Experienced a loss of confidence?
  • Gotten so distracted by your negative thoughts & emotions that you lost focus?
  • Adopted a tight and passive style so as not to lose even more money?
  • Became more aggressive than was warranted (or played higher than you should) in an attempt to make your money back?
  • Failed to 3bet in an ideal spot due to fear of continued losses?
  • Made other strategic errors because you were operating from a poor mindset?

These are the most common mindset problems that players report when they are in the midst of a downswing. But have no fear! Even if you’ve made every mistake in the book, there is hope! 

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Meet your instructor:

I'm Dr. Tricia Cardner and I'm a mindset educator and consultant who helps poker players all over the world improve their mindsets so they can increase their earnings.

I've written several books Including: Positive Poker, Peak Poker Performance, & Purposeful Practice for Poker. I have a podcast with Gareth James called Poker on the Mind & I've been playing MTTs since 2008.

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Let Me Teach You the Science Driven Strategies for Managing Your Emotions

The #1 reason poker players book coaching sessions with me is because they are hemorrhaging money during a downswing. I have been teaching both cash game players and MTT players how to deal with the emotional trials and tribulations that come with downswings for years, and I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is possible to learn how to manage your mindset during a downswing. Doing so will improve your psychological edge which should result in shorter downswings and fewer overall losses.

Escape From the Downswing Trap, is an online masterclass designed to help poker players just like you learn how to manage the negative emotions that come along with a downswing in the most effective way possible so that you can get back to winning as quickly as possible.”

Besides which, handling downswings (and the tilt that comes along with it) is a strategic advantage that can put you miles ahead of your opponents - especially if you play at lower stakes.

Sadly, many a good player has been ruined by a downswing. While I can't help you improve your luck at the tables, I can certainly teach you the skills that will help you master your mindset.

The strategies that I teach are all based on the latest neuroscience research. I'll give you the information you need as well as plenty of practice exercises so you'll be able to implement the skills in short order.

What are you waiting for? Now Is the best time to learn how to manage the negative thoughts and emotions that accompany downswings so that you can get out of your downswing as soon as possible!

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Watch a Sample Video

Check out a sample video where I explain how the human brain is wired to avoid losses at all costs. This is one of many reasons why it is so easy to get ensnared in (and so hard to get out of) the downswing trap.

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What's included?

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Module 1: How & Why Your Mind is Designed to Keep You Stuck in the Downswing Trap
Module 1 Printable Workbook.pdf
8.09 MB
Introduction to the Downswing Trap.mp4
21 mins
How the Brain Reacts to Downswings: The Stress Response.mp4
19 mins
How & Why It's So Easy to Get Ensnared in the Downswing Trap.mp4
12 mins
Supplemental Worksheet: Track your Hands Using the Variance Tracker.pdf
913 KB
Book Recommendation 1: Link to Purchase Modern Poker Theory on Amazon
Book Recommendation 2: Link to Purchase Purposeful Practice for Poker on Amazon
Module 2: How to Cope With & Manage The Difficult Emotions That Accompany Downswings
Module 2 Printable Workbook.pdf
2.96 MB
Understanding Fear & Anxiety.mp4
7 mins
Understanding Loss Aversion.mp4
7 mins
Beware of the Negative Emotional Spiral.mp4
11 mins
Understanding Emotional Hijackings.mp4
3 mins
Developing Emotional Intelligence.mp4
10 mins
Using The NAME Protocol to Manage Strong Emotions.mp4
5 mins
Mindset Training: How to Use Mindfulness to Get Into a Flow State.mp4
8 mins
Mindset Training Exercise: Basic Mindfulness Instructions.mp4
5 mins
Practice Time: MindfulnessBreathingMeditation.mp3
9 mins
How Mindful Are You? Take The Mindfulness Scale and Find Out.pdf
66.9 KB
Worksheet 1: The Emotions Tracker.pdf
607 KB
Worksheet 2: The Emotions As Data Tracker.pdf
606 KB
Worksheet 3: The Emotional Patterns Tracker.pdf
27.8 KB
Module 3: How to Deal With Negative Thoughts
Module 3 Printable Workbook.pdf
3.4 MB
Your Mind is Like a Double Edged Sword.mp4
15 mins
3 Ways to Defuse Unworkable Thoughts.mp4
3 mins
Defusion Exercise:Computer Screen.mp4
2 mins
Defusion Exercise:Thanks Mind.mp4
1 min
Defusion Exercise:Put Your Thoughts to Music.mp4
2 mins
Defusion Exercise:I'm Having The Thought That.mp4
2 mins
Defusion Exercise Audio Only:Leaves on a Stream.mp3
6 mins
Module 4: Train Your Mind for Focus & Composure Even When You're Running Bad
How Mindfulness Can Improve Attention and Focus.mp4
8 mins
Tools for Focus.mp4
6 mins
Dealing With Distractions.mp4
10 mins
How to Stay Composed During a Downswing.mp4
9 mins
Attention Training Exercise.mp3
9 mins


Why do I have such a strong emotional reaction to losses when I know that logically and rationally that losses are part of the game?

That’s a great question! In a nutshell, it's because money triggers emotions & our emotional system (limbic system) can easily override our logic system. When we find ourselves overreacting it’s generally a sign that the loss is triggering some underlying issue. When this happens we often make decisions and take actions that are not in our own best interests. If we don’t take steps to become more aware of our emotions, we will have a difficult time managing them no matter what our logical mind tries to tell us. 

Can you teach me to be an emotionless robot?

In a word: NO! Historically emotions and reason have been seen as opposing forces, but now we know that they are closely intertwined. Emotions determine and mediate how we see the world, they are involved in organizing memories and they are integral to helping us make important decisions. 

If you want to become a great poker player, you would be better served by learning how to tolerate the emotional discomfort that is baked into the game so that you can control your responses and make decisions that are in accordance and in line with your strategy. 

When does the course start and finish?

The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 10 days of signing up and I will give you a full refund