Training You To Master Your Mindset

Get the strategies and tools you need to optimize your mindset and make this your most profitable year yet! 

Escape From The Downswing Trap

Strong negative emotions come with the downswing territory & but don't have to affect your play. Stop struggling and start winning today! 

Rev Up Your Poker Success

A Step by Step Guide to Designing Your Best Year Ever

Crack The Code: Free Yourself From Procrastination

This course will teach you how to stop procrastinating using a variety of easy to implement research based strategies.

Peak Poker Performance Book Bonus Materials

These are the bonus materials for my book Peak Poker Performance: How to Bring Your 'A' Game to Every Session featuring commentary by Jonathan Little. They are designed to help you apply the information that you learned in the book. 


These are worksheets that I created to teach you how to do an effective post-session review so you Improve your game quickly & easily!